Sedgemoor Health Walks  
Sedgemoor Health Walks is a free of charge, community based walking group. The group is one of the most successful walking groups in Somerset, with up to 100 walkers participating each week. The group walks on three days a week, Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. The walks are led by  volunteer, trained  leaders.  The Monday walks are aimed at those recovering from illness or injury, the elderly and both the inactive and the active. These walks last approximately 1 hour. The Tuesday and Friday walks are aimed at intermediate level walkers and last approximately 2 hours, covering 4 to 5 miles.

The Group
The Group was set up originally in 2007 by Sedgemoor District Council as part of their community health programme, hence the name of the group. In 2011 the Council devolved the running of the Group to a community based committee of volunteers. The councilís role is now confined to assisting with publicity and training the volunteer leaders.

The group was helped and assisted by several organisations in it's formative years, including Sedgemoor District Council, Somerset County Council and Somerset Community Foundation. This support played a significant part in the current success of the Group.

What Are Health Walks?
Health walks are designed to attract people of all ages who are fairly inactive and wish to participate in some physical activity. Walking is an excellent way of keeping healthy  as it addresses both physical and mental health. Walking strengthens muscles and improves co-ordination, thus making it an ideal way of preventing falls in older age. The group also provides a forum to make new friends and explore the local area.

A health walk is a brisk walk done on regular basis for wellbeing. It can help you to feel good, to have more energy, to sleep better, boost your social life and to manage your weight. There are so many benefits from health walking weíre sure youíll see a difference in yourself even after your first walk!

Joining the Group
To join the group just meet at the designated meeting point for a 10 am. departure. You will find all the relevant information on the programme of walks . If you are attending a walk for the first time youíll be asked to fill out a confidential outdoor health questionnaire, all walkers will have completed one, including the leaders.

Comfortable clothing, suitable for the prevaling weather, and suitable footwear are advisable. Please bring a drink with you on the walks.

All walkers should note that they are responsible for their own safety and walk at their own risk.

We regret that you CANNOT bring your DOG on these walks except for Assistance Dogs.

The  Groupís Walks
The group walks from over 120 different locations;  ranging from West Quantockhead & the Quantocks in the west; to Glastonbury Tor in the east; and Churchill and the Mendips in the north. This wide choice allows you to progress on to more challenging walks as your fitness improves, or to slow up if you should wish. Please click here to see the current programme.

Grades of Walks
A reconnaissance is carried out by a qualified walk leader for each walk to check the feasibility of the walk and to give the walk a grade:

1  Mainly flat roads or tracks, beach or town walking.
2  Uneven walking, some inclines, tracks, stiles and gates.
3  Open slopes, rough ground and inclines in addition to grades 1 - 2.
4  Open slopes, rough ground and inclines in addition to grades 1 - 3.
5  Very steep inclines plus 1 - 4 grades.

Sedgemoor Health Walks, Somerset, UK